CATALYST is a new innovation hub that connects Med and Health Tech startups and clinician-innovators, to help turn their ideas into products and services that prevent or cure more diseases, and save more lives, in a scalable manner.

CATALYST was conceived by Aardvark Labs’ Med Tech clinician-innovators:


Dr Lai Kah Weng
Orthopedic Surgeon
Ex-Officio Chairman, Alumni Association
Co-Founder, Precision Medical


Dr Rena Dharmawan
General Surgeon, Head & Neck
Co-Founder, Privi Medical

Ian Mathews.jpg

Dr Ian Mathews
Emergency Medicine Physician, NUHS
Medical Officer, Aevice Health

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CATALYST is co-curated and operated by Padang & Co.

Padang & Co is an innovation catalyst, connecting startups and organisations such as Unilever, MUFG, Rolls-Royce, etc. and creating new opportunities for innovation.  Padang & Co is also the architect of LEVEL3, the pioneering enterprise-led coworking space launched in 2017 in partnership with Unilever Foundry.  

Together with Aardvark Labs, Padang & Co will be designing the programmes and managing the CATALYST workspace. We believe CATALYST is a unique opportunity to create value for Medical and Health Technology startups and ignite innovation in the healthcare space.